Sunday, July 29, 2007

When the dream is over

When the dream is OVER

It was a sunny day once
It was just about rainbow, blooms, and butterflies
Fresh green moss smell
A warm comforting air breeze

Remember so well when you took me down to the strawberry fieds
Picked the full ripe Sega Gegana strawberries
Tasted its sweet flavours

Now, no more strawberries
No more lullabies
No more sweet wines
No more rainbows
No more sunny days

Coz, I just woke up
Realized something that so hard to believe
"Entering the reality"
"Being alive in a hard & rude real world"

Let's dream again
Not now
Maybe tomorrow, hopefully
Looking forward to having another happy one

Bali, sometimes in July, 2007

be happy!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Harry Potter 7: The Deathly Hallows

Yesterday, I bought the last book of Harry Potter series. Its seventh book is called The Death Hallows. Being so determined and insisted in bought the book with locket-black-cover version, I made several calls to Periplus all over Bali to keep 1 copy for me (the caricature-cover version looks a bit kiddo honestly). Finally, I got it from Periplus Mal Bali Galleria by luck (there's only 1 left when I called them :D).
Got home at 7.30pm, took a super-quick shower, warmed up the Cinnamon Buns and made a cuppa tea, precisely on 8pm I sit still opening The HP book page by page.
Finished it at 2.45am (the very next day) kinda slower reader huh...(607 pages in over 6 hours and 45 minutes :p).
Honestly, the whole story apart of the last-non-number chapter is great... The climax and anti-climax were threaded nicely by Mrs. Rowling. A lot of surprise especially when it reached to the Snape's death part. How love can move people like that? Nobody knows, Nobody knows... Love is the magic itself, I think.

The last chapter seems not in the right place. But, maybe Mrs. Rowling just want to make a good closing with a happy ending story. I'm pretty sad to know that this book is her last book of Harry Potter.

Hmmm...the big question is, whether there someone could beat her reputation as the Best children-story author in the following years? or Mrs. Rowling still keeping another cool stuff in her manor to surprise her fans?? We'll see...we'll see
Have you read the whole series of Harry Potter's? Do you realize that:
  1. The page number of the 6th book and the 7th book is exactly the same. It has 607 pages each.
  2. Defence Against the Dark Art seems really jinxed. No DADA teachers would last till the end of the study term.
  3. Hmmmpphh....anyone would add my list? Please, feel free to do so... :)

Monday, July 23, 2007

When everything seems against you front and side...

Today, I just got a feeling that everything against me. I have been planning to take my IELTS prep-class today. Well, it supposed to be today (Monday, July 23, 2007) but the officer of “the foundation” –who claimed itself as the best English foundation here- called me on last Friday and told me that the class will be postponed till July 30,2007. The reason is that they haven’t got 15 students yet (basic requirement in commencing a class is 15 registered students or the class is cancelled). Then she said lightly, we only have 10 students who already registered and if we still couldn’t find another 5 students then we cancelled the class.
Wow…wait a minute lady, you absolutely can’t do this to me… I told her that the class should go on no matter what since only them who have this IELTS prep-class (heeyyy….the other English foundation in Bali! Do you understand for what I am writing down here?? It’s a business opportunity for you!! Let’s make IELTS prep-class!) and I have no choice to go to prepare my upcoming IELTS test somewhere else. She mumbled something that I hardly understand then I came directly to the new campus of “the foundation”, spoke briefly about the situation and gave them an idea that if only they just managed to find less than 15 students, they just simply need to raise the tuition instead of cancel the class and disappointing people who are looking dearly for the class like, for instance, me.
The other effect is, I need to re-schedule my work plan in my office. I supposed to visit my clients in Timor Leste and with this event, I should change it like it or not. Deadlines are facing from up and front. Only God knows what my boss going to say about this. Been postponed this visit for the I-don’t-know-for-how-many times.
One thing that I couldn’t understand, how could a big foundation plus they also claimed themselves as the best one, run their business like that? Are they that smug to think as they are the one and only? I hate to admit this, but so far yes, they have no competitor that provides IELTS prep-class. I am so devastated. *Sighhhhh*
Be patient. That’s surely do

Just Simply -A Preface- ;D

After sometimes, I finally decided to become a blogger. Well, not saying that I don’t have any stuff like blog before. I have an account on Friendster and Multiply though, which are unfortunately both are not accessible from my current-office-internet-connection :p, but the stress is not that really. I just want to make a new space of my own, sharing my thoughts and ideas. Discuss everything without any fear or guilt (hmmmph…do you think it’s possible and reliable in Indo?). Well, we could try, aren’t we?
First of all, like other people do when they start their blog is giving some information about themselves. Let me start with a bit of me: born into this beautiful (or painful??) world about 27 years ago, feeling so lucky ever since that I have a great parents that raised me up, a brother that giving me a chance to become a sister (I hope I am a good one so far), attend to the best school and university that gave me “ability” to find a good JOB (hehehehe….It’s pathetic actually that people –read:employer- just look at our academical record then wasting it by replacing us to a department or doing a job that doesn’t suit for us at all. In return, the result could be poor). But, I am fully contented with what I am doing now honestly. Thanks GOD for it.
Currently, I am living in one little island in Indonesia, yet it’s famous worldwide. It calls The God&Goddess Island…Have that clue? I’ll give you a Lindt chocolate if you could guess ;p
Okie dokie, enough with me… Let’s start blogging!!