Sunday, July 29, 2007

When the dream is over

When the dream is OVER

It was a sunny day once
It was just about rainbow, blooms, and butterflies
Fresh green moss smell
A warm comforting air breeze

Remember so well when you took me down to the strawberry fieds
Picked the full ripe Sega Gegana strawberries
Tasted its sweet flavours

Now, no more strawberries
No more lullabies
No more sweet wines
No more rainbows
No more sunny days

Coz, I just woke up
Realized something that so hard to believe
"Entering the reality"
"Being alive in a hard & rude real world"

Let's dream again
Not now
Maybe tomorrow, hopefully
Looking forward to having another happy one

Bali, sometimes in July, 2007

be happy!!

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