Monday, July 23, 2007

Just Simply -A Preface- ;D

After sometimes, I finally decided to become a blogger. Well, not saying that I don’t have any stuff like blog before. I have an account on Friendster and Multiply though, which are unfortunately both are not accessible from my current-office-internet-connection :p, but the stress is not that really. I just want to make a new space of my own, sharing my thoughts and ideas. Discuss everything without any fear or guilt (hmmmph…do you think it’s possible and reliable in Indo?). Well, we could try, aren’t we?
First of all, like other people do when they start their blog is giving some information about themselves. Let me start with a bit of me: born into this beautiful (or painful??) world about 27 years ago, feeling so lucky ever since that I have a great parents that raised me up, a brother that giving me a chance to become a sister (I hope I am a good one so far), attend to the best school and university that gave me “ability” to find a good JOB (hehehehe….It’s pathetic actually that people –read:employer- just look at our academical record then wasting it by replacing us to a department or doing a job that doesn’t suit for us at all. In return, the result could be poor). But, I am fully contented with what I am doing now honestly. Thanks GOD for it.
Currently, I am living in one little island in Indonesia, yet it’s famous worldwide. It calls The God&Goddess Island…Have that clue? I’ll give you a Lindt chocolate if you could guess ;p
Okie dokie, enough with me… Let’s start blogging!!


Lia said...

keep the chocolate for me Rea ! ha..ha..ha..!!

-puturea- said...

Hehehehe...ok Mbak Lia. I'll keep it for you then. It's 70% cocoa bar of Lindt's. I'll call you when I'm going to your work-place. Ciao