Friday, August 3, 2007

I think it's getting worse :((

I have doing the IELTS prep class for 5 days now. There are 5 days to go to complete the whole program. Well, being know more about IELTS make me more nervous than ever. I feel like I always left behind others. OMG, it’s absolutely not a good sign to sit on IELTS soon, isn’t? The Reading and Listening section won’t be something to worried about but, the other two, which are Writing and Speaking *hmmmpphhh* I think I will find some difficulties in doing it.

Speaking shouldn’t be a problem for me but I don’t know why, every time Maggie –The Teacher- asked me about a topic even familiar one, I just feel that I didn’t answered it well enough and gave lots of pause here and there. My my….

Writing is another threat since I just can’t stop myself checking all of the grammar and spelling before move on to the next paragraph and it’s really time consuming!! 20 minutes won’t be enough….

Hiksssss… I’ll try my best…I will…

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